Sarthak J. Shetty


I'm a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University, working on reinforcement learning for manipulation. I'm advised by Professor David Held at the Robots Perceiving and Doing Lab (R-PAD Lab) located in CMU's Robotics Institute.

I was a Research Intern at Intel Labs, in the Silicon and Systems Prototyping Labs, where I worked on RGB-D and monocular SLAM systems. I developed modules pertaining to pose estimation, sparse map storage and retireval, trajectory prediction and visual feature extraction.

I was a research assistant at the Indian Institute of Science, working on path-planning of resources deployed in the aftermath of floods. I was advised by Professor Debasish Ghose.

My undergraduate thesis research was on transiently informed ant groups, at the Theoretical Ecology & Evolution Laboratory in the Indian Institute of Science. I was advised by Professor Vishwesha Guttal.

I worked as an undergraduate intern at Professor Guttal's lab, studying collective behavior and swarming in Serpae tetra.

I was an undergraduate intern at the Center for System Design, National Institute of Technology, Surathkal, during my sophomore and junior years, jointly advised by Professor KV Gangadharan and Professor Pruthviraj Umesh.